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Different Academic Contexts For Writing

During a student’s academic tenure, they will write over one hundred papers for a grade. These range from small personal opinion pieces all the way to full academic reports and college applications. According the Department of Education, most students are below proficient in writing skills at all grade levels. This means that a student who improves his writing to be above average would differentiate him in his class when applying to colleges.

How Tutoring Helps

In Elementary and Middle School, writing coherent and logically connected sentences to prepare them for High School. High School writing shifts to a focus on longer and more in-depth papers about specific topics while placing an emphasis on research and presentation. In College, students are tasked with writing full length academic papers and articles. This causes a problem for students whose writing skills are below average, often resulting in a lower grade and more difficult college career. Our tutors offer many different tricks and strategies for approaching writing that help students be better at organizing their thoughts and phrasing their ideas to make an impact on readers.

Future Impact of Improved Writing

While the benefits of improved writing can be seen in a student’s academic career, improving this skill has large implications for their future business careers. The ability to take detailed notes and present information in a clear and interesting way is in high demand in the business world. From Marketing to Executive Level Presentations, an ability to write clearly and concisely is a valuable skill which is difficult to come by naturally.

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