Why Students Are Struggling, and How to Fix the Problem

Why Students Are Struggling, and How to Fix the Problem

Did you know that only a third of U.S. high school students are prepared for college? Did you also know that approximately 40 percent of college students drop out? These are shocking statistics.

What this tells us is that most students are not ready for higher education. What this also tells us is that college dropouts will most likely be leaving their institution with debt that makes them worse off than if they hadn’t gone to college in the first place.
So how do we go about fixing these issues? How can we make sure students are fully prepared for higher education, and that they stay there to finish what they started? Here are some recommendations:

Plan out goals for higher education

It’s best to set specific goals, ideally, starting from freshman year of high school onwards. It may seem a bit over the top, but in actuality, four years of high school go by extremely fast (with admissions typically being based on junior year grades, it ends up being three years).
When you put this into perspective, you then understand how fast high school flies. By setting specific goals, you can understand what is expected of you well in advance and be able to plan accordingly.

Meet with a college adviser

Plan to meet with a college adviser throughout the sophomore year and onwards (at least). A college adviser will go over your transcript grades, go over extracurriculars, provide recommendations, and will help you with the college application itself. This personalized guidance can help you to stay on track and makes the college application process much smoother.

Save up money

If working during the summer break is an option for you, do it! Having a summer job where you are not in school will be extremely beneficial when it comes to saving up some money.


Student loan debt is at an all-time high, so any money that you can save up will be helpful, even if it’s just for textbooks (it all adds up!)

Don’t focus too much on extracurriculars

Extracurriculars are of importance, but if you focus on them too much, you can take away precious time from your all-important grades. Some students get admitted to college based on their extracurricular activity, but if you aren’t able to maintain good grades in high school, it won’t be an easy task in college.

Invest in tutoring services

Investing in tutoring services will be a lifesaver for students who are preparing for college. If most students obtained at least a one-hour tutoring session a week, there would most likely be an overall grade improvement and a better level of college preparation.

The SAT and ACT college preparation exams are also a vital factor in the college admissions process, so getting a tutor who is a professional in these subjects will be a huge benefit. Getting high scores on the SAT or ACT shows colleges your capability for higher-level education and provides opportunities for grants or scholarships that could potentially save you thousands.

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