Why Our Educators Deserve More

Why Our Educators Deserve More

The first week in May is always Teacher Appreciation Week. To celebrate and to honor the educator in your life, you might have sent your child to school with a treat or gift for their teacher, or maybe you wrote them a nice letter or poem. While these are very thoughtful sentiments, educators have wished for more than their students can give them, for a long time.
It’s no secret that schools are underfunded and teachers are underpaid. Every year teachers have to dip into their personal accounts to pay for supplies for their students and classrooms. Most counties rarely, if ever, have a budget for this type of thing. Teachers traditionally don’t make a lot of money either. Educators don’t even rank in the top 100 highest paying jobs in the US. Many people already feel educators are treated unfairly, and after the last year, they deserve our recognition and appreciation more than ever.

This past year

The last unexpected year hit everyone exceptionally hard. But aside from healthcare workers, teachers were among those who felt it the worst.
Going back to March of last year, teachers had to quickly shift from in-person classrooms to teaching through a computer screen. Many were given little to no training, and simply had to figure things out along the way. Thousands of educators across the country had to rethink the way they teach, because the traditional way wouldn’t work through an online form. They put in the extra hours to ensure that their students wouldn’t fall behind.
Additionally, teachers were often the ones left to deal  with the many questions from parents about how schooling would proceed. Even though it was school boards making the decisions, it was teachers that had to give guidance and reassurance to worried parents.
Once fall rolled around, teachers were constantly having to adapt from in-person to online to hybrid then back to online. As COVID cases rose and fell, policies changed, and teachers had to adjust accordingly. And they were able to do it without showing their students how hard it must have been on them.

They play a vital role

Educators are uniquely qualified in a way that other professions are not. They are deeply involved in the lives of  a great number of students each year. They can affect many things about a child’s life beyond just their learning. They have an effect on their confidence, attitude, and overall development. Every single one of us can most likely think of a teacher who had a profound influence on us growing up. They touch the lives of so many in such a unique way.
Some teachers feel underappreciated to the point of leaving the profession. And who can blame them? Being an educator is hard work. Since they aren’t being appropriately compensated, we have reason to believe they do it simply because they love it. And for this, they deserve more than our thanks. As a country, we shouldn’t take advantage of the educators who put their heart and soul into their work, year after year, just because they love what they do and they will stick around.
If teachers were given the resources they desperately need, we can imagine the effect that would have. Most likely, it would be nothing short of beneficial for their students.
At Miles Smart Tutoring, we employ the best tutors who are there to support your child like a teacher does. Our tutors work to help students pick up things they may not be understanding in class, through no fault of the teacher.
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