What Does 2021 Look Like for Education?

What Does 2021 Look Like for Education?

It’s the new year, but one like never before. The whole world was shaken during 2020 no matter where you were located geographically. It’s become the norm to wear a mask whilst shopping at the grocery store or being in the classroom. With that being said, many students are struggling to do well in online school and it’s not a feasible option for parents of very young children who cannot stay home. So the question in many people’s minds right now, especially for parents and students, is what does 2021 look like for education? Here are some realistic possibilities:

Masks aren’t going anywhere

Masks are becoming more and more normalized. If someone isn’t wearing one in public they usually get a weird look or a stern talking to. The fact of the matter is, schools are requiring masks, and even if the COVID-19 vaccine gets rolled out, it won’t be available to everyone within the next couple of months and some may refuse. Realistically, masks are something that will be apart of our reality for a long time (so make sure not to forget some mints for your own sake – mask breath is a thing).

Online learning may be a long-term reality

Whether vaccines become a reality in many people’s lives, online learning may be the safest option for students. With new strains of the corona virus coming out, it’s better to be safe than sorry and stay home if you can. We all want to go back to normal but the reality is that we may never be able to. During the onset of COVID-19, online learning became the norm and may well be a long-term reality for many years to come.

Teachers will have to change their strategy

Many teachers have had to change their learning approach since teaching online and/or at a distance in the classroom. Students don’t get to have the same intimate learning experience they once had pre-COVID, and therefore it can be more difficult for teachers and students alike to keep up with the new demands.

There is a lot of pressure on teachers now more than ever to make sure they are creating engaging content and are effectively helping their students to learn online and/or in the distanced classroom. In fact, many students who are learning online are falling behind.

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