Alexandra V.

Alexandra graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in writing & rhetoric, with a minor in technical communication

Along with working as a professional writer and editor for several years, she has five years of tutoring experience, serving middle and high school, college students, and adults in the Orlando community.

Academic writing is her area of specialty, especially English Composition for college freshman, but she has also tutored many students in writing outside of academics, including civil, recreational, and business projects. She’s also tutored many students with cognitive and communicative differences, which she especially values and recognizes the need for extra attention and care (and lots of fun!)

No matter what kinds of students she’s worked with, she’s found the most satisfying lessons to be the ones in which students recognize their own interests to learn and improve their skills.

When she’s not tutoring, Alexandra enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing basketball.

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