Mattison B.

Mattison feels that tutoring and helping kids who are struggling to grasp concepts, or just need a little extra review, has always been something she was passionate about.

Thinking outside of the box on how to explain things is something she has always found herself doing.

Mattison is interested in tutoring in all history subjects but more specifically world history and U.S. government, She also can tutor in many science subjects ranging from elementary to middle school and high school level biology and chemistry. English is another subject she is comfortable tutoring in, as well as elementary and middle school math.

She wants to help children be the best student they can be from an early age so that in the future, her study methods will be habits and make them lifelong learners.

Other things Mattison likes to do outside of school include kayaking, running and fishing. She is also involved in student government, NHS, and key club.

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