Ellie A.

Ellie firmly believes that everyone is intelligent and just needs help approaching the problem at hand in another way. She feels that tutoring gives her the opportunity to be that guiding force, to help a student learn in their own style.

Ellie has tutored peers of hers and underclassmen since her freshman year of high school, when she joined Mu Alpha Theta, a math honor society. Years later, Ellie is now the president of Mu Alpha Theta.

She loves to help others learn and understand subjects with which they struggle. One of her proudest moments was teaching a girl who had been out sick all of the lessons on Logarithms.

Ellie’s favorite subjects are English and math.

In her free time, Ellie likes to run, work on her mock trial team, and play frisbee in the park with her friends. She believes in tutoring as if she were teaching a friend how to do something.

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