Top 5 Happiest Professions

Top 5 Happiest Professions

It’s never too late to pursue your passions in life. But the hard part might lie in figuring out what those passions are. Some people work for years in a job they aren’t passionate about, and others are just starting out and trying to learn what makes them happy.

If you’re not sure what job will make you happy, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 5 happiest professions in the US, and how you can make these jobs a reality. 

The number one spot

According to the poll, firefighters have the happiest profession in the US. It may come as a surprise to some people, but firefighters do not make a lot of money. But the reason they are so happy in their career choice is because it is a rewarding job. A career where one can see the positive effect they have on others and the community, as with firefighting, is a sure path to satisfaction.

To become a firefighter there is a lot of training involved. First, you need to have a high school diploma or a GED to be qualified. In addition, many counties will also require you to have an EMT or paramedic certification, so you will likely have to spend some time as an EMT or paramedic first. From there you will be able to enroll in a fire academy, and then you are well on your way to having the happiest profession in the US.

The second happiest profession

The next unexpected happiest jobs are miners and machine operators. These jobs can be fast paced and change from day-to-day, which is a great option for people who like to be challenged by their work and be in exciting environments.
To get a job in this field you will also need a minimum of a high school degree or GED, and you will have to take classes and attain certifications, as it can be a dangerous profession.

The third spot

The next happiest position is also one that is rewarding in that it directly impacts the lives of others. Pediatricians are often very satisfied in their careers. Much like a firefighter, pediatricians get to help people who may not be otherwise able to help themselves. To become a pediatrician there are many years of schooling and training ahead. First, you will need a bachelor’s degree.

This degree can be in any field, though many choose to pursue a science degree, like biology or pre-med. After that you will need to take and pass the MCAT exam, and apply to med schools. Having a good background in science courses will help you when it comes time to do well on the MCAT. After graduating medical school you will have to take a licensing exam and spend 3 years in a residency program in pediatrics.  Though it is a long, tedious, and intense process, being a pediatrician is very rewarding and a profession that pays very well.

Tied for fourth and fifth

The next two spots were tied in the poll for happiest profession–communications professors and guidance counselors. Interestingly both of these professions are in the education field and help guide young adults. Communications professors help teach young people how to better communicate and understand the world around them, a job which would also feel highly rewarding. Guidance counselors are often involved in many key points in a child’s or young adult’s life, such as transitions from middle school to high school and applying to colleges.
To become a professor of any kind, you will need a minimum of a master’s degree, though most professorships will also require a doctorate in the field you hope to teach in. From there, it is desirable to have teaching experience before applying to your desired position.
To be a guidance counselor, you will need a bachelor’s degree in either education, psychology, social work, or a similar field. Then you will need a master’s in counseling, and  internship experience. Finally, you will need to pass a certification exam.

All of these jobs make the person working them feel satisfied in their daily life. Generally, if you can find a job that allows you to help others, you will probably leave work feeling content and self-assured. But if you need help on your journey of finding the job of your dreams, whether it’s to pass your GED, MCAT, or do well in your college level courses, Miles Smart Tutoring has all the tutoring you could need. Start your journey towards your future and call us today at (813) 328-3036!