The (Current) Most Important Language to Learn

The (Current) Most Important Language to Learn

In most students’ lives, they have to make a decision about what language they want to study, as it is a requirement for graduation in most high schools in America. Some schools start as early as Kindergarten, but they start nonetheless. Students are not always provided with a long list of choices – Spanish and French are the most common option(s). However, as the global world is changing, so is the most commonly spoken language.
Right now, the most widely spoken language in the world is Mandarin (Chinese). This might seem like common sense because China has the largest population, but most people in the United States are still choosing to learn Spanish instead.

How many people speak Chinese?

1.2 billion people in the world are fluent in Chinese. This includes people with a different first language, as well. Mandarin is spoken in China, Singapore, Taiwan, and among Chinese speakers all over the world. If you’re someone who deals in international business, it is more than likely that one of your clients will be a Chinese speaker.

How will it help me?

As previously mentioned, Chinese is so widely spoken, especially in business, that you might find yourself wishing you had learned it in grade school. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn. 95% of people reported that learning the language while abroad has significantly changed them for the better. Learning about a culture/language on the other side of the world can open your eyes to aspects of life and business that you might not have encountered otherwise.
If you have chosen to study, or are studying, Chinese, your resume will be significantly more attractive to employers when searching for a job. You will likely be considered a very valuable employee, which could lead to higher pay and/or pay increase(s). Often times, companies will even ask you to give small lessons to other employees for compensation.
In addition to the speakers of the language growing exponentially, so is the economy in the country. The more expansion that happens, the greater the need for Chinese speakers will become. American-based companies will start hiring people solely based on their ability to speak both English and Chinese.
Since the Chinese language is made up of characters instead of letters, it takes a lot of work for a person to become fluent, especially later in life. The journey to learning the language is one that will teach its students practice and patience. Students learning Chinese will learn not only how to speak it, but also the characters, customs, and traditions that come with the language. Opening your eyes to new, unfamiliar things adds great value and can lead to tremendous personal growth.
The best, most rewarding way to learn any language would be to go abroad and immerse yourself in that culture. This is especially true with Chinese, when everything can seem so foreign and far away. However a trip like that can be out of reach for most people, made even more difficult by the recent pandemic. Thankfully, there are a lot of online resources to help make the learning experience more seamless. If you’re thinking about giving Mandarin a go, don’t think twice! It is never too late to start learning.
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