The Benefits of an Accounting Degree

The Benefits of an Accounting Degree

There are so many options available when it comes to choosing a major at the beginning of your college career. It is a time-sensitive and very important decision for every college freshman. You should consider all of your values, interests, and skills as a student before making the decision. One very good option to consider if your skills, values, and interests align with the subject, is accounting. It can be a very profitable and fulfilling career path. Below we have compiled a list of the benefits you can expect from an accounting degree:

What is accounting?

If you’re someone who has always been a natural with numbers, has strong organizational skills, and consider yourself good with money, keep listening. Accounting is defined as the action or process of keeping financial accounts. There are several routes you can take when pursuing a career in accounting.

Should I be an accountant?

Accounting is typically associated with being a boring subject/profession, but that’s because you have to have the “right brain” to do it. There are some key traits that you can look out for that will make the decision a bit easier for you. For starters, you like math, or more so, you don’t hate it – maybe you like numbers or the challenge of solving a problem. If you love organizing, you are another step closer to the perfect accountant.

Lastly, if you are a perfectionist, this could be another sign that accounting is right for you. Picture this: you’re someone who will be satisfied when they look at a spreadsheet full of numbers, organized into categories, and everything is in its rightful place. If that sounds rewarding, you might want to keep reading.

What options do you have for degrees?

The most common route in accounting is a bachelor’s degree that will lead you to a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) certificate, but you can also choose to continue your schooling and get a higher degree after undergrad, as well. These are some common options to conside

1. Associate Degree

2. Bachelor’s Degree

3. Master’s Degree

4.Doctoral Degree

What kind of job can you get?

As with any degree, you can choose your path after you complete school. There aren’t too many creative options when it comes to accounting, but if you’re well informed, you can find the job that fits you best. During your schooling, you will most likely conclude what kind of job you want to pursue. Some common jobs you can get with an accounting degree include:
These are basic options and general numbers as far as salaries go, but they can range greatly.

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