How to Balance School and Work

How to Balance School and Work

Studies at school and work, can be challenging to manage. If you’re a student and working, whether it be part-time or full-time, you probably know that it’s not an easy task. Managing school studies deadlines, preparing for hefty exams, all whilst clocking into a job requires great time management and sacrificing social time (or just time for yourself). You can make the workload a little less stressful by following some steps that you may have not considered before. Here are some ways you can your studies and work in order to make your life just that bit easier:

Plan studies ahead

Write down all of what you have to do for the week on a planner or calendar. This will help you to manage your time better as you’re getting a clear visual of what has to be done. More often than not, it’s easy to mismanage time and realize that you have to handle more at once than you initially expected. Planning ahead will make your life so much easier and you will be able to clearly see when you have time to watch that movie or spend time with family or friends.

Communicate with your boss regarding your Studies

Speaking with your boss and communicating your time allocation is very important if you are a student and working. You want to communicate that you are committed to working with them, but you also cannot go over the maximum hours that you know you can work (this will of course vary based on the student). You want to be clear on your availability and the demand of your school studies schedule.

Wake up early, even on your day(s) off

Waking up early (especially on your day(s) off) can seem like such a bore, but if you are a busy student managing a job, this can help you manage your time more effectively. Think about it; instead of waking up at 10, you can wake up at 8 and have two extra hours for your studies, get that workout in, or prep your meals for the week. Waking up earlier is also better for your health, so it’s a win-win!

Consider online classes

Online classes can be extremely beneficial for those who work while in school. Online classes offer more flexibility, with features like proctored exams and online lectures from the comfort of your own home. Driving to and from class, taking exams in your school’s testing center, etc. can be time consuming for a student who is working. Other benefits of online classes include the fact that they are typically cheaper, they provide more self-discipline and responsibility, and class sizes are smaller on average which boost your studies. (30 students to 1 teacher).

Enjoy your studies and work

Make sure that you truly enjoy what you are doing. If you aren’t truly passionate about the studies you are pursuing in college (or if you are in high school and are unsure of what your plan is), you may not feel as motivated to keep going. It’s hard to stay motivated if you are not content with your path, and if you don’t feel this way, make a plan and consistently work at it until you get to where you want to be.

Get extra help for your Studies

When you are working and in school, it is very easy to fall behind on your studies as you allocate time to a job. Getting extra help can ensure that you maintain your grades. For example, receiving tutoring services can be a huge benefit if you are a busy student who’s also managing a job. You may be thinking, “How would it be possible for me to fit in a tutoring session during my busy week?” There are options that can be reasonable with your schedule and be cost effective. For example, online tutoring provides
flexibility for your studies so you don’t have to leave your home and you can pick a time that is convenient for you to study. Online tutoring also doesn’t have the same time constraints that in-person tutoring does, and you don’t have to worry about the travel time either and can manage your studies much easily.
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