Should You Take Part in a Study Abroad Program?

Should You Take Part in a Study Abroad Program?

There are many important things that can be learned in a classroom and from a textbook, but experience is not one of them. Seeking experience in your developmental years is key for your growth, learning who you are as a person, and opening yourself up to new adventures. Studying abroad is a great way to achieve all of these things. Though this might not be an opportunity for everyone, those who are presented with it should definitely take advantage.

According to a student at the University of Florida, who spent the summer after her sophomore year in London, England, studying abroad was the best decision ever because she “had the opportunity to explore a bunch of new countries with different cultures and create lifelong friendships with people I would have never crossed paths with before. I learned a lot about myself in the sense that I could be adaptable to new situations and quick with problem solving.”If you’re still unsure about why/if you should study abroad, here is a list of reasons to assure you that it would be the right choice to take part in a study abroad program.


Being immersed in a new culture is a whole different way of learning. It is hard for students to have a full and complete understanding of somewhere that is halfway across the world. Putting yourself right in the middle of it will force you to learn about your surroundings.

Language skills

It is no secret that a language is much easier to learn if you’re constantly practicing. Putting yourself in a place where they speak nothing but that language is the quickest way to pick it up and work out any quirks you might have. Being immersed in the culture of the foreign language will set you up for success.

Discover new interests

Assuming that you’re a student in the U.S., there are a lot of things that you’re most likely missing out on when you’re stuck in a classroom throughout the week. Going to a new place often leads to students discovering things they might’ve never tried and/or given much thought to. For example, you might find that you love to do art, hike, cook, attend plays, etc. – all things that might not be available to you where you’re studying at home.

Personal growth

When signing up to a study abroad program, there is a good chance that you will be signing up alone. When you get there, of course, there will be students in the same position as you and it should be relatively easy to make friends. However, you might find yourself becoming more independent because you will have your own schedule and interests to pursue in the limited time you have.

Beneficial for your future

For many of the aforementioned reasons, the experience will benefit you greatly. But, one thing that a lot of people don’t always consider is grad school. When applying to graduate programs, admissions boards see study abroad programs on a transcript as favorable for your application. It shows that you’re committed to your education, seek experience, and most likely proves qualities of leadership. Not to mention, future employers will be impressed for the same reasons.

Build your network

When you do something like studying abroad, you meet so many new people. These are people from all over the country, or even the world, that you are suddenly stuck with for the next few weeks/months, that you most likely would’ve never met otherwise. Associating with people from all over will broaden your connections, which could lead to lifelong friends, and/or (job/internship) opportunities in the future.

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