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What Is It

Physiology is the biological study of living organisms and how the structures of the human body work in unison to perform specific functions.

In contrast to anatomy, physiology is the science of the functions of the body systems while anatomy is the study of the structures and locations of the parts of the body.

Physiology is an extremely important field of science due to its fundamental nature in the medical field. Any student who is attempting to pursue a career in the medical field is going to need to have a comprehensive understanding of how the body works in order to diagnose and treat patients.

Physiology requires a complete understanding of the anatomy in the human body. How helpful is it going to be to a student to be able to learn the flow of blood through the adult human’s heart if they are unfamiliar with the chambers and arteries associated with the heart? It would be challenging for this student to understand the function of the heart without first knowing the structures and where they are located.

There are eleven organ systems inside of the body which work together to allow the human body to function properly. The field of physiology is mainly focused on how all of these organ systems function together as well as the physical changes associated aging, pathological results from physical abnormalities, and the functions of the cells in the body.


How the human body operates is an extremely complicated subject because it includes a lot of detailed information. Many students struggle with achieving high marks in their physiology course due to the extensive differentiation of the different organ systems in the body. While a student may have a thorough understanding of the circulatory system, the immune system can be more challenging to fully understand. It involves many different functions performing in unison and distinguishing all the different pathways our immune system utilizes to protect our bodies is complicated. Thankfully, making the decision to seek direction from a profession instructor can eliminate confusion a student may have over the functions of the human body.

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How Prep Helps

If a student is struggling to master their physiology course, the private instruction of a tutor can help them achieve their academic goals. A private tutor who is highly educated about physiology can explain the processes at a rate that will allow a student to ask questions as they approach confusing concepts and discuss the function with more detail.

Our private tutors at Miles Smart Tutoring are educated about the ins and outs of the human body. Due to their extensive training in tutoring, knowledge about the material, and background in instructing they are able to incorporate concepts into visual aids, outlines, and diagrams that will make the process easier to remember and recite on quizzes and tests. The tutors at our institution are capable of adjusting to the needs of their students. If a student has an exam approaching that is focused on a particular body system, they are going to ask questions about the material to gain an understanding of where the student is missing the mark. After analyzing their student, they are going to prepare questions and review that focuses primarily on the student’s weaknesses to make sure they will be prepared on the exam for the material they were not originally strong at. Furthermore, they are passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic about the task of helping students gain confidence and understanding of the course material in physiology.

Not only is it crucial for students to excel in their courses by attaining above average grades on assessments, it is also critical for any student aspiring to work in the medical field to retain this information for further classes related to physiology and their future careers. Nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants, respiratory therapists, ultrasound technicians, and every other job associated with directly treating a patient rely heavily on what functions are occurring inside of their patient’s bodies. If a patient is presenting with specific symptoms, what do these symptoms tell their professional health provider about their patient’s condition.

As you can see, passing the course is only one objective of learning physiology. The material learned with private instructor will make their student an excellent healthcare provider that will make a difference in their community’s health care system.

Prior to working in a healthcare field, there is extensive training required which requires extended educational programs. Many of these programs have entrance exams and rely on these scores along with standardized test scores to determine the likelihood that a candidate will succeed in a program. For example, to gain entrance into an accredited registered nursing program, the applicants have to complete a preliminary exam called the TEAS exam to ensure they are understanding of a variety of subjects with physiology being a cornerstone of the science portion on the exam. It is within good reason that the admissions board would take into account their candidates’ current knowledge of the human body considering the field of nursing builds upon the human body and how its systems function. An outstanding score will make an applicant more competitive and increase the likelihood they will be admitted into their desired program.

Customization of Tutoring Courses

Here at Miles Smart Tutoring, our tutors are capable of meeting the needs of each individual student. It is our goal to adapt our strategies to be in the best interests of our students. If a student is having a difficult time understanding the information after their lecture with their professor, our tutors are going to use every device possible to present the material in a new way that allows the student to comprehend the function in its entirety.

Our student’s success is the most important concern and our tutors are trained and educated on how to increase their success in their courses. Because every student learns differently and has different professional goals, we take the time necessary to couple a student with an instructor will be best at helping them with their physiology course. Maybe a student intends on moving on in the healthcare field and is going to be attempting to apply to nursing programs. With that understanding in mind, we are going to choose a tutor who understands the current and future expectations that their student will have to work out physiology problems.

Since our tutors have taken and completed the physiology courses with nearly identical curriculum to the classes their students are attempting, they are aware of the subject matter that their professors are likely going to emphasis on the assessments. Our tutors are trained to inform students as to what they should expect on current and future exams so they spend more time and effort mastering specific subjects that will with high certainty be tested on. These are just some of the strategies our institution and tutors have used to help their students achieve their goals. These strategies have yielded significantly positive results with students who are attempting to master their physiology course.

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Q: Is in-person tutoring more effective than online tutoring when it comes to physiology?

A: Both online and in-person tutoring methods are effective, depending on the student and their needs. We will make sure that whether you choose online or in-person tutoring, you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Q: Do you offer group tutoring for physiology?

A: Yes, we offer group tutoring sessions for physiology.

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A: Yes, we offer one-on-one tutoring for physiology.