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What Is It

Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon containing molecules.

Because carbon containing molecules are the structures that are related to life, some say that organic chemistry is the study of life and the chemical reactions that sustain life.

Some of the material expected to be mastered in an organic chemistry course is the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and how to prepare carbon containing molecules. You are going to be required to understand nomenclature, organometallics, carbocation configuration, functional groups, synthesis reactions, nuclear magnetic resonance, and IR spectrum.

The preliminary information in organic chemistry rests on a firm understanding of concepts learned in general chemistry. Therefore, it is important that the fundamental chemical reactions are mastered prior to moving onto learning more complex reactions like synthesis reactions. Just because fewer of the elements on the periodic table are incorporated into this course does not mean that this is a less complex subject than general chemistry. Because there are fewer elements that make up organic molecules, the information in this class is highly detailed in comparison to a general chemistry course.

As you can see from the extensive list of required subject matter, this course is a considerably complex course. Organic chemistry is required for students aspiring to work in many industries like medicine, forensics, chemical engineering, environmental research, food, agriculture, and textiles. Many standardized tests integrate a lot of organic chemistry, like the entrance exams for dental school, medical school, and veterinary school. Due to the emphasis of organic chemistry on these standardized tests and its direct use in professional careers, it is important not just to pass the course with a competitive grade, but it is also important to understand the material in its entirety to have a competitive score on a standardized test and perform your professional responsibilities. Before definitively deciding a career path, many students do not necessarily intend on taking this course. Therefore, many students will have a lapse of time between general chemistry and organic chemistry, making their prior learned chemistry knowledge become less obvious. Fortunately, there are tutors who are extremely educated about general and organic chemistry that can complement the material learned in class with additional information pertinent to solving the problems.

How Prep Helps

Since there is such a broad range of information learned inside of an organic chemistry course, having the guidance of a private tutor will increase the personalized attention a student will receive.

When there are particularly challenging lessons in organic chemistry, it is unlikely that the professor teaching an auditorium of 200 or more students is going to take questions from every student on their specific confusion. It is important for the professors to keep a hasty pace in order for them to cover all the material within a course. Most professors do offer some office hours weekly, but during that time many other students will be electing to take the opportunity to ask further questions with the professor so the time he has will be monopolized by many. It will be much more effective to invest in a private tutor if a student is struggling with the subject of organic chemistry and is motivated to shine in the course.

At Miles Smart Tutoring, we have tutors who have excelled in their organic chemistry classes. They are knowledgeable about the material and trained to inform students at a pace that will allow the students to inquire about concepts they may not fully understand. Our professional tutors know first-hand how challenging these courses are and are here to guide and encourage students every step of the way.

Unfortunately, although studying with one’s colleagues may provide some benefit, there are a lot of distractions and students tend to lose focus. Our tutors are trained to keep the session focused on making evident progress and eliminating distractions a student could have studying with their classmates. Overall, the education, training, and passion our tutors have will make the time and effort spent on the material decrease and the high grades their students are seeking achievable.

Customization of Tutoring Courses

Without a doubt, the subject material covered in organic chemistry one and two are significantly different. Organic chemistry one lays the foundation for the understanding of carbon-containing molecules while organic chemistry two elaborates on the information and teaches techniques that will be used in the professional field of chemistry.

Miles Smart Tutoring has an elite group of individuals who are remarkably educated about the curriculum of both courses and are excited to increase the success and confidence of their students in the field of organic chemistry. They are trained on how to assess their student’s current struggles and adapt their teaching techniques to most effectively help their students master organic chemistry. Because the curriculum of both classes is different, having a tutor that is self-assure of the material is important for our institution.

We want to create a student-tutor match that will be in the best interest of the student. If a student plans on taking the MCAT, which is the standardized test for getting admitted into medical school, it would be within the student’s best interests to have a tutor that is not only going to focus on mastering the material for success in the course but also for future academic endeavors.

In the instance where a student has had a lapse of time between general chemistry and organic chemistry, our tutors can review general chemistry material that is pertinent to organic chemistry, to allow the student to refresh their memory of fundamental concepts. Our tutors are flexible and willing to go the extra mile to help their students meet their academic and professional goals.

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Q: Is in-person tutoring more effective than online tutoring when it comes to organic chemistry?

A: Both online and in-person tutoring methods are effective, depending on the student and their needs. We will make sure that whether you choose online or in-person tutoring, you will be satisfied with the outcome.


Q: Do you offer group tutoring for organic chemistry?

A: Yes, we offer group tutoring sessions for organic chemistry.


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A: Yes, we offer one-on-one tutoring for organic chemistry.