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What Is Physiology?

Physiology is the biological study of living organisms and how the structures of the human body work in unison to perform specific functions. In contrast to anatomy, physiology is the science of the functions of the body systems while anatomy is the study of the structures and locations of the parts of the body. Physiology is an extremely important field of science due to its fundamental nature in the medical field. Any student who is attempting to pursue a career in the medical field is going to need to have a comprehensive understanding of how the body works in order to diagnose and treat patients.

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To gain entrance into an accredited registered nursing program, the applicants have to complete a preliminary exam called the TEAS exam to ensure their understanding of a variety of subjects with physiology being a cornerstone of the science portion on the exam. It is within good reason that the admissions board would take into account their candidates’ current knowledge of the human body considering the field of nursing builds upon the human body and how its systems function. An outstanding score will make an applicant more competitive and increase the likelihood they will be admitted into their desired program.

Maybe a student intends on moving on in the healthcare field and is going to be attempting to apply to nursing programs. With that understanding in mind, we are going to choose a tutor who understands the current and future expectations that their student will have to work out physiology problems. These are just some of the strategies our institution and tutors have used to help their students achieve their goals. These strategies have yielded significantly positive results with students who are attempting to master their physiology course.

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