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Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry will help you to understand the structure and properties of substances. Chemistry is the study of matter and how it is composed. The subject of chemistry revolves around small atomic particles and how their interactions build the entire world around us. All the substances around us have undergone some reaction to produce the product that we see with our eyes. Chemistry unfolds all the intermolecular processes that occur during reactions to produce the products. Prior to being able to solve problems involving the reactions, there has to be an understanding of nomenclature, the bonds that form between elements, units of measurement, unit conversions, and the use of the periodic table, just to name a few. 


The periodic table is a reference in chemistry that incorporates a large amount of information into a clear diagram. Being able to accurately recall all the fundamental information regarding bonds, elements, charges, units, and structures can be a daunting task in itself without considering how to solve problems about reactions using this information.

The reality: Chemistry Is Challenging

Even after one has solidified a concrete understanding of the fundamentals, they then have to move on to problems where they are required to solve problems including acids and bases, rates of reaction, equilibrium, displacement, double-displacement, and elementary synthesis reactions. Considering how fundamental this topic is in the professional world, it is important for those who are looking to have a career in medicine, research and development, forensics, chemical maintenance, water treatment, and a plethora of other positions, to understand all the chemical processes that could occur in the project they are assigned. Being able to solve the problems in chemistry is remarked as challenging and time consuming by many students, but it can be achievable with determination and guidance from a highly educated and passionate instructor.

Miles Smart Tutoring is among the best online tutoring sites for chemistry, we have exceptional online chemistry tutors and our effective chemistry tutoring will break down the process of problem solving to make the topics in chemistry more comprehensible.

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Our expert online Chemistry tutors are trained to look for the root of the problem a student is facing. Oftentimes, we find that the initial material was not completely mastered which is making the new material hard to comprehend.

In Chemistry, we know that everything builds on the previous material which means that in order to move forward, a student needs to master the current material. In a typical classroom however, the chemistry professors do not have a huge amount of time to make sure all their students are exceeding expectations on a current subject before moving onto the next topic.

Chemistry courses are normally fast paced and challenging, meaning students need to spend an ample amount of time outside of class studying the material. With so much to learn, it can be often times difficult for a student to rationalize where they are misunderstanding the information and how to achieve the goal of having a deep understanding of the material.

Miles Smart Tutoring has chemistry tutors who are so deeply passionate and educated about the subject matter. They can enthusiastically explain the fundamentals of the concepts and build upon them with their students at a feasible pace. Sometimes students have not thoroughly mastered the concepts in a prior lesson which is now leading to a lapse of understanding on a more complex lesson.

If a student is struggling with converting metric units, our expert online Chemistry tutors are going to go back and review the students understanding of metric units. It is ambitious for a student to attempt to convert a gram to a kilogram if they do not understand what the prefixes convey. Going back and attaining a solid understanding of the metric units and their prefixes will make it more plausible that the student will be successful at converting the metric units from one unit of measurement to another unit of measurement. This strategy is often employed by our expert chemistry tutors to ensure that their lessons are impactful, and their students are developing their understanding of chemistry in a way that will allow them to build upon fundamental concepts.

We have the best online Chemistry tutors

There are a range of general chemistry courses that differ in their degrees of difficulty. At Miles Smart Tutoring we have instructors that are capable of teaching high school level general chemistry, college level introduction to general chemistry, college level general chemistry one, and college level general chemistry two. The curriculum in each of these courses is specific and our tutoring institution takes the time to match prospective students with an expert chemistry tutor who is extremely knowledgeable about their student’s distinct course curriculum. It is in the best interests that the students and tutors are thoughtfully matched to make sure the student gets the best guidance for their course.

A tutor who is highly knowledgeable and passionate about chemistry is important, but it is also imperative that they are capable of tailoring their lessons to adjust to their student’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if a student is struggling to solve a problem from start to finish, the chemistry tutor at our institution may decide it is going to promote the retention of the entire problem best if they broke down the problem into smaller segments and then incorporate them together. Since every student learns differently, it is important that their needs are met during their sessions with their tutor in the way that would best prepare them individually. Not everyone learns material in the same way and here at Miles Smart Tutoring our professional tutors are always encouraged to use their experience and training in education to tailor their lessons so their student’s specific needs are being met.

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An understanding of chemistry can help you to understand the world better

Chemistry is used every day when baking or cooking.

Organic chemistry is largely considered the hardest chemistry class.

Studying hard and being dedicated will grant you a good score in chemistry. Getting a tutor can also help someone do well in chemistry

They are both used and equally as important to understand when going into medicine.

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