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“At Miles Smart Tutoring, our Expert Instructors are prepared to organize the study material to suit every student’s needs to simplify the learning of different subtopics in anatomy. The tutors use assessment material to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the student. For instance, if a tutor sees that a student has a strong understanding of how to utilize anatomical directions, but has a poor understanding of how to define the cavities of the body, then they may elect to assign a project during the session that expands and strengthens the deep understanding of the body cavities.”

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What Is Anatomy?

Anatomy is a distinct discipline of biology that focuses on the form and location of the structures inside and outside of the human body. Anatomy has become an increasingly important field of science due to its necessity in the medical field. Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and many other professionals require an extremely comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the human body to perform their job properly.


Although anatomy is often remarked as a course requiring merely the memorization of material, it is far more difficult to learn all of the material in an anatomy course than some realize. There are eleven organ systems in the body; some span the entire human body while others are regionally located. In addition to the structures of the body, anatomy also incorporates topics like body cavities, anatomical directions, types of tissues, and types of cells, just to name a few. As you can see, the scope of anatomy is quite large and there are several degrees of understanding that is covered in Anatomy.

How Prep Helps

Unlike other disciplines of science, Anatomy does not necessarily incorporate a system of problem solving, but it relies on detailed recollection of a boundless amount of information that starts at a structure as small as the human cell all the way up to the entire human organism. When a student enrolls in a preparatory course, our tutors elaborate on the concepts learned previously and teach approaches to master the material that will reduce the amount of time a student will take to retain all the information. The tools and information taught by an anatomy tutor can be used to learn, retain, and recall a limitless amount of material in anatomy and other courses.

How Getting an Anatomy Tutor Can Help

The additional exclusive student-teacher time with a tutor will make a student’s understanding of the material become solid because the tutor is going to supplement the knowledge learned inside of a classroom with valuable tools and information that they have seen in the past produce significant academic results. It is important to score well in courses to achieve a competitive grade point average, but it also just as important to retain the information learned inside of an anatomy course if you plan to work in the field of health. For example, even after completing an anatomy course, there are often entrance exams and standardized tests that are used by the admission committees to determine how knowledgeable the applicant is.

Although the grade point average and transcript for the applicant is important, these entrance exams and standardized tests can set candidates apart from each other and often make the difference between getting admitted and rejected in a program or graduate school. The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam is a nationally recognized entrance exam for a registered nursing program. The science portion is heavily integrated with anatomy since it is the backbone of the nursing program. As you can see, understanding anatomy is not just about the current course a student is undertaking but is often integral to their professional goals.


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Proven Anatomy Help For All Levels

Here at Miles Smart Tutoring we are committed to hiring and promoting the most effective tutors, which also entails choosing a partnership for the student and instructor that will ultimately get you the most out of each lesson. Our tutors are highly experienced in tailoring their instructing to the help their students reach their highest goals. They have a deep knowledge of the material, experience instructing on courses of differing degrees of difficulty, and can strategically reroute a student in the right direction for success.

Each student's personal and professional goals are taken into consideration when customizing their tutoring sessions with a particular tutor. In comparison, some students may take the anatomy course to satisfy a requirement for their degree, while other students might plan to work in the medical field and move forward to work with patients one day.

Miles Smart Tutoring chooses a professional tutor that will best help them meet their goals. If a student is planning on applying to medical school, it is important that their instructor takes into account the standardized tests that will be required of that student and how anatomy will be integrated into their current and future exams, like the MCAT.

Depending on the student's intentions, if a student is just focused on acing a current anatomy course and is unwilling to consider Anatomy as a profession, then the prospect of future testing may not be applicable to that particular student. In such a case, we allot the instructor as per the student's specific needs and requirements.

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Here's a list of the most frequently asked anatomy questions


Anatomy is about the identification and description of the body structures of living things.

It’s important for people studying (or wanting to study) medicine to know about the human body and how it functions.

Anatomy class is considered hard because there is a lot of memorization involved. It deals with all the bones, muscles, tissues, organs, etc.

Using memorization strategies is a great way to remember concepts in anatomy.

Yes, if you choose to major in Anatomy, it is most likely because you are interested in a pre-medical school track.

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