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Why Private SAT Tutoring? The SAT examination is a test that measures the knowledge and abilities of students, when they apply to a college for admission relative to other applicants. Our best SAT prep Tutors always there to help you in your exam.

We offer the best private in-home and online SAT tutoring. The combination of these sources and the professional tutors has led to huge improvements in scores, and countless 5-star reviews. Don’t just take our word for it, but read what past and present students have said about Miles Smart tutoring already! So, we’ll make sure that your search for “SAT tutor near me”, ends here.


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How Is the SAT Different From the ACT?

Test Style
The SAT is designed to serve as a proxy for an intelligence test whereas the ACT is designed as an achievement test. Moreover, the SAT only covers three subjects with an optional section.
Test Format
The three subjects are broken into four sections: Reading Comprehension, English language and Grammar, Math with a calculator, and Math without a Calculator. In the optional section one may provide an essay as a response.
The approach for the SAT is different from that of the ACT and therefore requires different tutoring strategies. The optional section is utilized for the purpose of applying to a specific college or university.

Here's How Our Private SAT Tutoring Can Help

Since every student is unique, we tailor our SAT tutoring classes to the specific needs of each student. Some students may be advanced in Mathematics but below average in English. Others may be excellent at Math without a calculator but do not know all the ins and outs of their calculators and fall behind on that section of the test. In these cases, tutors would adjust the focus of each class to highlight those specific areas. Similarly, students may be great at Math except for one or two concepts which need to be reviewed.

It is highly recommended that students wishing to attend college take our Best SAT tutoring classes. Whether you are looking for in-home or online tutoring, Miles Smart Tutoring excels at matching you with a high-quality SAT private tutor who will adjust their teaching style and strategies to meet your particular needs. We also offer group classes for SAT Prep.

Our best SAT Prep tutors use the most up-to-date resources in order to prepare you for what you should expect to see on your coming SAT exam, giving you the best possible advantage you can receive to increase your scores. Not only does Miles Smart Tutoring offer the best trained SAT tutors in the business, but we also equip you with unique and cutting-edge studying materials that no other tutoring company can provide.

Our best SAT test prep classes not only review concepts that will be tested on the exam but also impart strategies students should use to determine the correct answer if they are unable to solve the problem outright. These strategies and skills are extremely useful outside of the test and have tremendous carryover value into all other school subjects as well as future job interviews and assessments. For example, the reading section often includes scientific passages and graphs which need to be interpreted to answer the questions. This is a skill that would be useful in future science classes and would also improve a student’s general reading comprehension.

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Here's a list of the most frequently asked SAT questions


It is recommended that you start studying for the SAT at least 2 months before taking the test.

It depends on what you’re looking to get out of the SAT. If you’re looking to improve your score by 30-70 points, you’ll want to study for 10-20 hours. If you’re looking to improve your score by 70 to 130 points, you’ll want to increase that studying time to about 40 hours. And if you want to improve your score by 200 points or more, you’ll want to dedicate about 150 hours to studying for the test. But don’t worry! Miles Smart Tutoring has dedicated long-term or short-term tutors that can get you where you want to be.

As many times as you want! But make sure you are registered to take it and give yourself enough time in advance to study.

If you’re looking to bring up your SAT score in a month or less, creating a study plan and getting organized is the best way to get started. Working with a tutor is a great way to identify where you need the most help and give you targeted one-on-one assistance.

There are two types of the SAT test, one with the essay and one without. Look at some colleges you are interested in attending and see if they require or recommend that you take the essay SAT. Some people take the essay version anyway, but it really just depends on the program you are applying to.

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