Latest Updates Regarding the SAT Examination

Latest Updates Regarding the SAT Examination

Many test takers are worried due to the cancellation of several dates of the SAT examination by the College Board. However, this was necessary because of the sudden COVID-19 pandemic. The latest cancellation date announced by the College Board was 6th June, 2020. So, when will you be able to give your SAT exam finally? Currently, there are only speculations regarding this. So,in this blog we’ll cover all the important information regarding the SAT exam cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic along with answering some common questions, keeping in mind the current scenario.

When will you be able to give your SAT exam?

The College Board has cancelled both the general SAT and SAT subject tests for May as well as June 2020. Moreover, they are also not making further commitments regarding the next confirmed test date. However, if you refer to the College Board website, you will find that they have released a notice. This notice states that depending on public health and safety, they will start conducting SAT every month, from August. Moreover, they also recently announced that they would be adding a test date on 26th September 2020.
Finally, a piece of good news for the June registered test-takers is that you can register early for the August, September, and October exams.
Moreover, to compensate for the cancelled exams, the College Board is trying hard to expand its test centers to accommodate more number of test-takers. This is a very good move on their part and will definitely help to calm things down. For more information regarding the new test centers, we would recommend you to keep checking the College Board’s website in the coming days.

Is an online SAT Possible?

SAT examination based on online mode definitely looks possible right now. The fact that the College Board has already begun to offer Advanced Placement (AP) tests online for the spring of 2020 further strengthens this fact. So, this means that the College Board has the required set of technicalities, and if the situation gets worsened, they can look for conducting the SAT examination in an online mode.
However, if we refer to the College Board’s official statement, it says that they will only offer a digital SAT in fall 2020 if widespread school closures continue across the school districts nationally. So talking about the present day, it seems unlikely that a remote version of the SAT will ever happen.
In any case, if a digital version of the test becomes possible, the College Board has to ensure that all the safety measures should be in place to prevent unfair means like cheating.

Why Hasn’t the College Board Offered More Makeup Exam Options Yet?


You should always try to understand that the test-conducting authorities are equally worried about the conduction of the test safely and smoothly. They must have definitely pondered upon this point, but as a responsible test conducting authority, they need to prioritize the safety of students above everything else. Moreover, if we take a different perspective into the picture and try to align our thoughts in this direction,

we will see that conducting an in-person exam could be quite dangerous at this moment. And while a digital exam can ensure student safety, but the technicalities and background work involved in the development of a standardized platform take a lot of time.
The students who are looking out for the next possible date of this prestigious exam include seniors who are applying to colleges with rolling admissions or who want to use SAT scores instead of placement exams for college credit. If this is the case for you, we would recommend you to get in touch with the college admissions offices as soon as possible.
Moreover, it is essential to take careful note of the present situation. We feel that it is highly unlikely that colleges will hold you responsible for getting a low test score during such times. So, if you can take the SAT in the fall, plan on doing that. But if you can’t, you must know that the institutions are trying hard to bring everything back on track.

Is the SAT cancelled for this fall?

No, we feel that it would be quite a rare possibility for the entire year’s test-cancellations. Because if the situation gets out of hand, the College Board will definitely look for the option of conducting the SAT online.

What about the PSAT?

The College Board has already announced that they won’t be offering the PSAT this spring. This applies to all the PSATs. This is bad news for many test-takers, as this was the only exam through which you can analyze your strengths and weakness effectively to improvise your test performance in the SAT examination.

Some Key Takeaways

Is an online SAT possible? As for now, the answer to this question is no, but if the situation gets out of control, maybe this can happen. Has the College Board announced a definite date of the SAT examination? They have announced a date of September, but it depends totally upon the severity of the situation that we are dealing with presently. Moreover, we would recommend that you keep your worries aside because many test-takers are with you in the same boat. The test cancellations had hurt almost everyone. We recommend that you instead focus on staying safe and healthy, along with working hard in your SAT prep journey. In the meantime, do visit our blogs for the latest updates regarding the SAT and ACT examination.
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