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The PSAT is a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test that can be taken in both 10th and 11th grade. While the PSAT is not used directly in college admissions like the SAT, it is a vital component of the admissions process and is the only way to become a National Merit Scholar. However, you can take this test only once in a year, and many students take it in the 10th, the 11th or in both the grades. The syllabus for PSAT is the same as the SAT: Evidence-Based Reading, Writing and Language, Math with a calculator, and Math without a Calculator. Just like the SAT, there is no penalty for guessing an answer in PSAT. But unlike the SAT, the highest score possible in the PSAT is 1520.

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Students often overlook PSAT prep because it is not used for anything other than to qualify for becoming a National Merit Scholar. While the reasoning is logical, every student should place as much emphasis on the PSAT as they put on SAT/ACT because a poor PSAT score won’t cause any harm. But on the other hand, becoming a Commended Scholar can be a fruitful addition to your college application. National Merit Scholars can receive a $2500 single payment scholarship, corporate-sponsored merit scholarships in the form of single payment scholarships, or college-sponsored merit scholarships.

Many universities even have separate merit scholarships for National Merit Scholars. Moreover, many top tier schools actively look forward to select a National Merit Scholarship holder. This means being a National Merit Scholar will grant a student more significant consideration when applying to colleges. So, it is highly recommended that students should take PSAT prep classes and tutoring to strengthen their PSAT preparation.

At Miles Smart Tutoring, we provide classes for PSAT examination that not only helps to review important concepts for the exam point of view but also imparts test-taking strategies to help students excel even when they don’t know the answer. Apart from PSAT, these strategies and skills are extremely beneficial for all other school subjects, SAT/ACT/MCAT/LSAT, and other aptitude tests that are used to filter out candidates for job opportunities. Students get one attempt each in 10th and 11th grade to take the PSAT exam and become a National Merit Scholar, so they should use them wisely.

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Since every student is unique, we tailor our tutoring class to cater to the specific needs of each student. Some students may be excellent in Mathematics but below average in English. Others may struggle in Math (with a calculator) because they are not aware of all the functions of their calculators. As a result, they lag behind in the Maths section of the test. Therefore, tutors would adjust the focus of each class as per the need of each individual to work upon the specific problem areas or weak areas. Moreover, our experienced tutors can personally guide you with the best test-taking strategies after considering your strengths and weaknesses.

We also offer group classes for PSAT Prep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've asked, we've listened. Here's a list of the most frequently asked PSAT Test Prep questions:

Is in-person tutoring more effective than online tutoring when it comes to PSAT test prep?

Both online and in-person tutoring methods are effective, depending on the student and their needs. We will make sure that whether you choose online or in-person tutoring, you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Do you offer group tutoring for PSAT test prep?

Yes, we offer group tutoring sessions for PSAT test prep.

Do you offer one-on-one tutoring for PSAT test prep?

Yes, we offer one-on-one tutoring for PSAT test prep.