Private Versus Public

Private Versus Public

Everyone wants the best for their child. It’s why people move to areas in a good school district or send their kids to private school. But is one option really better than the other?
Many things factor into the decision to attend either a public school or a private school. And every child and family is different. If you’re trying to make the decision for your child and their individual needs, here are some things to consider:

Public School

The first factor to consider is that public schools are of course less expensive than private schools.
Generally, public schools are free aside from things like school lunch or field trips. Also, teachers in public schools are paid better and are given better benefits, generally bringing in older more practiced teachers at the public level than at the private level. In fact, about 48% of public school teachers have master’s degrees compared to the 36% of private school teachers that do. Public schools also require teachers to be certified by the state whereas private schools do not.
Public schools also offer classes at every level of learning. Many public schools have advanced placement courses or college dual enrollment courses, but they also offer honors, gifted, and regular level courses. This allows your child to succeed and get the teaching they need at whatever level of learning is best for them.
Public schools also often have more options for extracurricular activities, although private schools may offer more niche or unique options for extracurriculars.

Private School

There are numerous different private school options that parents can choose from. This can provide parents a chance to send their child to a school that specializes in an interest of theirs, or students can choose a private college based on their own specific interests. In the same sense, private schools are mission based in a way that public schools cannot be. Parents or students can choose to attend a private baptist college or a Catholic all-girls school, where certain values are emphasized. Private schools generally have a lot more flexibility in this area than public schools.
Private schools also generally have a lower student-to-teacher ratio, giving students a better chance at having 1-on-1 attention which can help them perform better in school. This lower ratio allows teachers to create lesson plans that are more specific to the needs of their fewer students.
Private school students also test better than public school students at many levels, even scoring on average 3.1 points higher on the ACT than their public school counterparts.
Private schools can also cater their curriculum to fit their needs. Without having to comply with county standards, private schools can place more emphasis on the arts, theater, or music. And once kids get to higher level courses, they can generally offer more advanced placement courses or they might have International Baccalaureate programs, though both of these things are found at the public level as well.

There is much to consider when trying to decide what kind of education is best for your child. Whether it’s private or public, Miles Smart Tutors are highly knowledgeable and can help get your child to where they want to be. Call (813) 328-3036 to get a free consultation today.