Is Homeschooling The Right Choice For Your Child?

Is Homeschooling The Right Choice For Your Child?

With the coronavirus pandemic, homeschooling has suddenly become the norm for many students around the world, with many parents doubting it’s positive effects
Homeschooling provides a more flexible schedule, an individualized learning pace, and prevents bullying and/or any distractions from other students. Here are some ways to determine if homeschooling is the right decision for your child, despite the pandemic:

Your child has a different learning pace to the rest of the class

Is your child a bit behind the rest of the class? (which is entirely normal, it’s impossible for everyone to learn at the same pace!) Or is your child ahead of the class and the pace of the class is slowing them down? Homeschooling could be a good option for either case. The student gets to learn at their own pace which stimulates personal and professional growth. Oftentimes, when a student is a bit behind the rest of the class they will be too embarrassed to speak up. As a result, this puts a student further and further behind. On the other hand, a student who is at a faster pace may be academically limited. The fact of the matter is that being in a classroom with 25 or so other students isn’t always the best learning environment for all children.

The commute

Maybe the commute to school is far too long and takes away from time that could be spent on extracurriculars, homework, or even spending time with friends and family. Some students spend up to 3 hours per day on a bus (plus their 8-hour school day) which results in a higher level of stress and less of a work-life balance.

Your child is easily distracted

Homeschooling may be a good option in the case that your child gets easily distracted in a regular brick-and-mortar school. This is very much a case by case basis – it all depends on the individual student and would need a holistic approach to effectively assess the child’s needs. You can always try homeschooling to see which option greater benefits your child.

Your child does better learning on their own as opposed to a classroom environment

Maybe your child learns better on their own than in a classroom environment. A lot of students (especially nowadays) have anxiety in the classroom. There are studies saying that students are more anxious and depressed than ever before (learn more here: so it’s important to speak to your child and create an open dialogue with them.
Whatever choice you make in regards to your child’s academic endeavors, we are here to help them succeed
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