Is A New Pencil Case The Most Essential Thing On Your List This Fall?

Is A New Pencil Case The Most Essential Thing On Your List This Fall?

Though back-to-school shopping is an important part of the preparation for the new year, it’s not the only thing students need to worry about. With the new school year comes lots of pressure for everyone. This year, students might be returning to the classroom, on Zoom, or maybe a little bit of both.
It’s essential to equip our students with more than what we can buy them at Target, for the upcoming school year. These things might make a very small difference or a very large one, but a difference nonetheless. According to a study done by Vanderbilt University, routines are very important to incorporate at a young age because they influence a child’s emotional, cognitive and social development.
There are some things you can do in preparation for the new school year that will help you/your student greatly in the long run:

Prepare a homework station

somewhere that homework can be done in the same place after school every day so students get in the routine of sitting down and getting it all done right when they come home (or whenever the agreed-upon time is).

Maintain a morning routine

make sure you/your student is getting up at the same time every day so their body adjusts to the wakeup time and they’re able to get up easily. Incorporate their daily hygiene into the routine so they can look and feel their best for class.

Extracurricular reading

adding some “fun” reading to your students’ schedule will keep them excited about reading while giving them practice they will enjoy (in addition to their schoolwork).

Stay clean

this year brings a lot of uncertainty so it’s important to stay healthy and have the supplies you need to do so. Whether students are required to wear masks or not, hand sanitizer, wipes, and other supplies are important to have with you.
These four things are not going to make or break the school year for the students, but it will make a significant impact on how smoothly it goes.
This year, we need to put a great emphasis on checking in on our students and taking care of each other. New pencil cases, pens, and notebooks should be at the bottom of the list of our worries. Mental health check-ins should be at the top. According to Redeemed Life Counseling, it’s very important to check in on your kids, especially now more than ever. They’ve provided some question examples that you can ask your kids to make sure they’re doing okay.
These questions might not always be the easiest to ask or answer. You must allow your child the time and space they need to answer them. You can also change/adjust them in any way you see fit. It’s not the questions themselves that are important, but instead, showing your child that someone cares about them and is paying attention. They will feel supported and loved with these questions or any of the sort.

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