How to Obtain An Internship

How to Obtain An Internship

Are you enrolled in college, enjoying your major and wondering how you can get some real-world experience? If so, you’re probably thinking about participating in an internship.

Internships can give you a leg up in the industry that you’re in, create connections with professionals and grow your skill set. They are extremely beneficial, but can be selective, especially depending on your major. There are also different types of internships; including paid and unpaid. How can you adequately prepare yourself for an internship, and how do you go about obtaining one? Here are some useful tips:

Maintain good grades

In order to obtain an internship, you want to make sure that you have good grades. Many internship programs require a minimum GPA requirement before accepting a student, and even if they don’t, you want to make sure you are doing well in your coursework in order to apply the things you are learning in class to the internship environment.

Be able to balance your schedule

If you are taking 4-5 classes, that is a busy schedule in and of itself. Many students partake in internships and work jobs while being enrolled in school, but they have to be able to manage their time correctly in order to do so. This requires a lot of discipline as it’s very easy to fall behind if you don’t stay on top of all of your responsibilities.

Take an online class/multiple online classes

Taking an online class or multiple online classes for the semester(s) that you participate in the internship frees up more of your schedule so you can attend more of the hours that they require/ask of you. You won’t have to be running from a lecture to a 5 hour work day; you can balance your workload in your own time.

Be secure about the field you want to major in

Don’t participate in an internship or major in a field that you don’t actually want to do. You should strive to participate in something that you are truly passionate about, because a lack thereof will transpire to the people you are working for.

Don’t just participate in an internship for the money

Don’t participate in an internship just for the money. The internship in and of itself shouldn’t be about the monetary aspect – it should be about the real-world learning experience that you will gain. If you are doing it just for the money, it won’t be a rewarding or beneficial experience for you.

Conduct research on the company you’ll be working for

Knowing about the company you could be potentially interning for is good for both you and the internship coordinator. You get to learn if this is a company you really want to work for and the company knows that you are truly interested in them.

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