How to Manage Your Stress Better

How to Manage Your Stress Better

Do you ever get a burning sensation that you have so much to do with only so much time? Like a fever that comes out of thin air – or perhaps a slow burn or put off responsibilities coming to a boil. Whether you answered yes or no, you most likely felt stress before. Coming in all different shapes and sizes like starting a new job, piled-up assignments, or just the current state of the world, stressors can bombard us so much. But don’t sweat it – here are a few ways to better manage your stress.

1. Identify your stressors

To better manage your stress, the key is to identify what is causing it! What tends to make you feel tense, worried, or irritable? Some stressors are easy to recognize: school, work, traffic, relationships, financial issues – all that fun stuff. But others might be more subtle: long lines, moving to a new place, or just everyday hassles.

2. Find ways to avoid them

Now that you’ve identified your stressors, you can find strategies to lessen their impact or eliminate them altogether! To avoid stressors it’s best to start with what you can control. Clean up your work and relaxation spaces, remove distractions, steer clear from stressful people! Time management, of course, is vital. Blocking out chunks of time in your day to study throughout the week is much less eventful than cramming the night before.

3. Change the way you respond

If your stressor is something you can’t control, it’s crucial to adjust the way you react to it instead. Practice stopping negative and unhelpful thoughts and reframe your situation in a more positive light. If you catch yourself saying: “I’m never going to get this all finished in time,” stop yourself and take a moment to step back. You can either ask for help, alter something on your end, or take a few deep breaths and move on. Sometimes lowering your standards or redefining success is necessary to lead a much less stressful life. We are often our own worst critics!

4. Ask for help

We all go through stress, it’s natural and unavoidable in the grand scheme of things. But even if it seems impossible to deal with, or just a silly thing to be worried about, talking to others about what’s causing your distress can go a long way. Supportive family members or friends are the perfect candidates for venting to or asking advice, just make sure to ask first. However, if you’re struggling with a certain class that you just can’t seem to keep up with, or need help preparing for that final you can’t afford to fail, a tutor might be the right choice for you.

5. Utilize a tutor

Unlike you desperately trying to teach yourself calculus, a tutor is well-versed in specific techniques to increase your understanding. Instead of being balanced with another 20 or more students by one teacher, utilize a tutor’s one-on-one guidance. Remember, your teacher or professor won’t stop class just to help one person catch up!

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