How Technology Is Impacting Student’s Learning

How Technology Is Impacting Student’s Learning

Technology is impacting student’s learning and it has changed the world in unprecedented ways. One of those changes is the way we can learn from technology. For example, more and more schools are incorporating technology as an interactive learning tool; such as virtual whiteboards, computers, iPads, etc. With this being said, there are both benefits and downsides when it comes to technology and how it impacts a student’s learning. Here are just some of those benefits and downsides:

Ease of access to information

Accessing information on the internet is easier than peeling a banana (literally). This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If a student doesn’t understand a topic, this can make learning a faster process. If a student wants to cheat and not try on their homework, they can typically find the information as opposed to learning it for themselves. There are both positives and negatives to the ease of access to information. Back in the day before such technology, students tended to know more information on their own merit. But on the other hand, more students are going to college nowadays based on the fact that learning is more widely available, so it all depends on how you look at it.

A student can learn outside of the classroom

A student can learn a significant amount outside of the classroom with technology. For example, Youtube provides students with teacher-like lectures on pretty much any subject you can think of. This provides the student with the opportunity to learn on their own time; and if they are struggling with school, this is a huge benefit. If a student doesn’t understand a concept from a textbook for example, they can get help online.

It can be a huge distraction

With technology can come distractions, but it is also true that technology is impacting student’s learning. If you are studying on Youtube for example, it can be easy to get sidetracked by other videos. The same goes for having a smartphone; this has been proven to be a huge distraction for people of all ages.Depending on what kind of student you are this could affect you or it could not – ultimately it depends on the individual.

Virtual learning

Virtual learning can be a great tool for students in a world where technology is impacting student’s learning. There are so many apps that can be utilized for learning, such as a language-learning app or a flashcard app, just to name a couple. There are thousands and thousands of different ways to learn; and even if you aren’t attending school, you can still continue to learn through virtual tools.

Online tutoring

Now that you know how technology is impacting student’s learning, there is the option for online tutoring if a student is struggling. If a student doesn’t live in an area where there is access to a good tutor, this could be the difference between getting help or not. This is a huge benefit and gives more students a chance at success. Without this option, people would be limited by geographical location, but online tutoring takes away that restriction.
Miles Smart Tutoring offers online and in-person learning. Our online tutoring is just as effective as our in-person services, and we use a lot of the virtual learning methods mentioned. For example, in our online tutoring services we utilize a virtual whiteboard so a student feels as if they are in a classroom and they’re not missing out on traditional learning methods. The benefits of online tutoring include learning from the comfort of your own home, being able to have a flexible schedule, being able to refer back on recorded lessons, and not being limited by which tutor you can choose based on your location.
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