How Students Can Overcome Distractions Whilst Learning From Home

How Students Can Overcome Distractions Whilst Learning From Home

Remote learning has become the new norm for many students throughout the nation. Some thrive in this environment (pajamas all day anyone?) while others are itching to get back into a brick-and-mortar classroom.

One negative impact of remote learning is the ease at which distractions are available. Your phone is dinging constantly, you’re thinking about what snack you can eat next, and it’s hard to resist the temptation to scroll through Twitter. Every. 5. Minutes.
Your studies are extremely important, so letting distractions get in the way of that (although an easy task!) will cause much more harm than good.

So how exactly can students overcome distractions in order to maximize their level of learning and have a better work/life balance? Here are some of the best tips:

1) Keep your phone out of reach and on silent mode

One of the biggest distractions that students face when studying is their phone. It’s tempting to see what the latest Instagram posts are and to snap your friend back, but this will take precious time away from studying – actually prolonging your day. By keeping your phone out of sight and on silent mode, it greatly reduces the likelihood of you constantly checking your phone.

2) Have a designated quiet area

If at all possible, try and create a designated quiet area for you to study. If you sit in the living room with your family for example, it is easy to get distracted by conversations, television noise, etc. Having a quiet space where you can have no (or limited) external noise will be the most productive learning environment.

3) Have an end goal in mind

Having an end goal in mind will motivate you to get your work done. For example; you can reward yourself with your favorite movie or a self-care night once you accomplish all of your tasks.

4) Understand that the more time you procrastinate, the later you will finish your work

Set a goal for yourself to finish your work by a certain time. This will provide you with more structure and will lessen the temptation to spend those 15 minutes scrolling through Twitter. This tip will also help you to distance yourself from social media for a while which is proven to be healthy for mental wellbeing.

5) Create a virtual study group

Creating a virtual study group will provide you with the best of both worlds – you get to have that social aspect whilst getting your work done at the same time. It can be extremely difficult having to socially distance from friends and classmates, so being as interactive as possible during this time is imperative. Another positive aspect of studying with others is the fact that you can collaborate and help one another if you’re stuck on a problem.

6) Obtain a tutor

For many students, obtaining a subject-expert tutor (especially during this new era of remote learning) will help them tremendously. Having someone there to keep you on track, create a guided and personalized plan, review your work, and be able to answer any questions that you may have on demand, is extremely beneficial.

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