How Do I Stay Motivated While Learning at Home?

How Do I Stay Motivated While Learning at Home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we live in countless ways, most notably when schools were forced to adopt e-learning as a means to teach students. When COVID-19 first appeared, many wondered how they would learn, what e-learning would be like, and how it would affect the learning process. Almost a year after the global shutdown, many schools offer brick and mortar, e-learning, or some sort of hybrid option. Nearly 65% of households with children report the use of online learning during the ongoing pandemic.

Without the pressure of having to wake up early, stick to a schedule, or in some cases complete assignments, many e-learning students are finding it increasingly difficult and stay motivated. If you’re feeling generally unmotivated, you’re not alone! Here are some great tips to help you stay on track and keep your grades up.

Dress for school

It may sound silly to get dressed when you aren’t going anywhere but getting dressed tells your brain that something new and interesting is about to happen, thus helping you be more awake and attentive. Additionally, keeping up with your dressing routine can help you stay mentally well and help to boost your self-confidence.

Create a Daily Routine

Now more than ever, students need to keep themselves on a schedule so that they can stay on track for success. If you had a morning routine before the pandemic, there is no reason to not follow it now or create a new routine that fits your needs. Schedule a time to wake up, get ready, exercise, go to class, do your homework, spend time with loved ones, and anything else you might want to do. Having a plan each day will help you stay organized and self-motivated.

Set Goals

At the beginning of each day (or week), set realistic goals for yourself to achieve. Write these goals in your planner or somewhere visible so that you can remember them and track your progress.

Create a good workspace

Many students join a zoom while they are still in bed and even laying down. This will likely affect their productivity because they already aren’t in their normal learning environment and on top of that, the temptation to just relax in bed during class is too great. If you sit at a desk or table during the school day, you’ll most likely be more attentive and work more efficiently.

Stay Social


In an online class, you may feel a little disconnected from your teacher and classmates that are face-to-face learners. This is why you should participate in class and build a relationship with your teacher and peers. Also, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with teachers and friends through websites like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Staying in touch with peers will heighten morale and remind you that even though you are alone at home, you are still a part of the class and school.

Stay Healthy

Many students don’t realize how much their mental and physical health affects their motivation and academic performance. Create a routine that includes stress-relieving activities and things you enjoy doing because if you schedule a time to do the things you like, you will be motivated to want to finish the tasks you don’t particularly enjoy.

Reward Yourself

As you checkoff things on your to-do list, take time to applaud yourself and recognize each achievement. Acknowledging accomplishments makes you feel as if what you’ve done is meaningful and important. This is the ultimate key to keeping a positive attitude and staying motivated.

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