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History Classes and Skills Developed In Them

Over the various History classes your student will take while in school, they will survey all historical knowledge from the earliest civilizations until modern times and develop analytic and comprehension skills which will aid them in future academic endeavors. Students who study History are presented with information such as primary and secondary sources and tasked with constructing a narrative about the events, comparing two contradictory sources, analyzing sources for bias, and using evidence to support a claim

How Prep Helps

These skills, while applicable in their History classes, is also applicable in language and writing classes as well as Math and Science classes. Our tutors have extensive knowledge in many different historic eras and can help students understand the various powers at the time as well as their developments and cultural achievements.

While we employ a variety of methodologies and strategies, we emphasize the Socratic method as it helps students think through the logic of actions and movements in History to find the answers themselves. This method of teaching has future ramifications as it carries over to future classes and helps develop self-reliance amongst students.

Future Impact of Cultivating History Skills

The skills mentioned above, specifically comparing contradictory sources and using evidence to support claims, are excellent skills in a business environment as it allows you to present information in a compelling manner.

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