GRE- At Home Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

GRE- At Home Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the spread of the corona virus in almost every part of the world, ETS has now decided to conduct GRE in an online mode. Yes, you can write the GRE test from the comfort of your home, if you are from any part of the world, except Mainland China and Iran. In this article, we will try to understand: how to get registered for the test, the technical requirements for the test, what to do before the test day, and what to expect on the test day.


Before your test day, it’s important to be aware of all the technical requirements on the ETS At Home information page and ProctorU resource center page. You cannot give the test on a mobile phone. So, you should have a PC with an uninterrupted internet connection. You have to install the ETS Test Browser along with the appropriate web browser and extension. In the next step, you’ll be directed to run the ProctorU system check to tell you that you have Flash enabled or not. You are required to enable the Flash to give the exam.
On the ProctorU system check-page, you can fill out the live Technician form to initiate a chat with the technician, if you choose. This is an excellent option provided by the authorities. The technician will perform a final check when you offer him/her with the remote access. He/She will make sure that your system is completely ready for the examination or not, and then you are good to go.
Still, if there is any technical glitch on the examination day that prevents you from taking the test, you can reschedule your exam for free.

How to register for the exam?

For filling up the examination form, you have to go to the official ETS-GRE website. After creating an ETS account, log in and click on the “Register/ Find Test Centers, Dates” button, and select the GRE General Test. From here, you will be able to choose the “test at home” option. For selecting a specific time and date slot for the exam, you’ll have to register and make your payment of $205.
However, there are many test slots available as of now, but still, you should fill the form as soon as possible to get the desired test slot. Just after completing your payment, you will receive an email from ETS of order confirmation on your official email id. However, you will receive a separate mail from ProctorU within a day, which will contain the instructions for selecting your test date and time. Follow these instructions to view and schedule the reservation of the desired test slot. Moreover, you will be given a temporary password, but we would recommend you to change it so that you can easily remember it. Once you select a test slot, you will be able to see your booked test slot along with a countdown timer on your ProctorU dashboard.
You can reschedule your test for free at any time before your appointment on the ProctorU dashboard. However, in the case of cancellation, you have to cancel the order at least four days before the exam to receive a partial refund.

What to expect on the day?

Before the test day, you should have a look at the ETS At Home information page so that you won’t miss any important updates regarding the exam. Also, watch the Pre-Exam checklist video to ensure that you are ready to go. Then, if you want to get a sense of the actual check-in process of the examination, go through the “Student Walkthrough Video.” Make sure you don’t have any unauthorized items with you while writing the exam. Also, take note of all the essential stationery items like a whiteboard, pens, blank sheets, etc. for the exam.

What to do before the test day?

Thirty minutes before your scheduled time, log into your ProctorU dashboard. Approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled time, your ProctorU exam link will become active. You have to go through various terms and agreements, series of instructions, and face recognition protocols. Also, make sure that you have your government-issued ID card with you during the whole process. While you are doing these things, ProctorU will initiate a screen share and grant you access to share your video/audio with the proctor. You may have to wait for your proctor to arrive. Once your proctor arrives, he/she will give you further instructions like putting your phone out of reach behind you, doing a pan of your surroundings with your webcam, showing the whiteboard/marker that you will be using during the exam for the rough work. After this process gets over, the proctor will set up your test and enter the administrator’s code to unlock your exam. This is the final step, and the exam will begin from here.

As of now, we don’t know for how long the GRE will be offered at home since ETS is calling it a transient response due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, it is also possible that these changes are not temporary. However, we will get to know about this only if an official announcement is made afterward. We have tried to cover all the essential details regarding the changes made in the format of GRE, due to COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, you can discover more about this format and determine your eligibility from the official GRE website.

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