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GMAT Tutors – The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a versatile computer test (CAT), and is required to be taken in preparation of application to numerous MBA programs the world over. The GMAT takes just about 4 hours to finish. Authoritatively, the GMAT allows students to demonstrate their abilities in the fields of English, Mathematics, and writing composition.

In reality, the GMAT tests some essential English and math abilities, however what it generally tests is the means by which you utilize explicit systems and procedures for best execution on the GMAT exam.
Areas of the GMAT testing include:

AWA Essay – 30 minutes
Coordinated Reasoning – 30 minutes
Quantitative Section – 62 Minutes, 31 Questions
Verbal Section – 65 Minutes, 36 Questions

How the GMAT is scored:

For the Verbal and Quantitative areas you get a score on a size of 0-60. The Verbal and Quantitative scores are consolidated into an all out score on a size of 200-800.

Moreover, for the AWA Analysis of an Argument article, you will get a score on a size of 0-6.

How GMAT test prep help

Taking GMAT Test Prep classes will cover a variety of subjects and methods which are tested on the exam. GMAT prep course tutors would guides include reviewing and practicing test taking strategies, time management, subject reviews, and answering strategies. These benefits are not restricted to GMAT tests. These strategies are applicable in everyday tests and future evaluations.

Customization of Tutoring Courses

Since every student is unique, we tailor each tutoring class to the specific needs of each student. Some students may be advanced in Mathematics but below average in Writing or English. Others may be excellent at Reading but struggle with Math. In these cases, tutors would adjust the focus of each class to highlight those specific areas. Similarly, students may be great at Math except for one or two concepts which they need reviewing.

We also offer group classes for GMAT Prep at Miles Smart Tutoring.

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