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Why do you need GED tutoring? The GED is a series of four tests that the student has the skills equivalent to those needed for a high school diploma. The test subjects are Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. A GED is accepted by 98% of all US colleges and universities. While most accept a GED, most will require an applicant to have taken college level courses such as the AP classes offered by the College Board.

The primary difference between a high school diploma and passing the GED is that a high school diploma requires four years of attendance while a student needs to pass under 8 hours’ worth of tests to obtain a GED. This makes getting a GED an excellent option for adults who want to go back to school or increase their employment prospects.

How Prep Helps

It is highly recommended that those wishing to take the GED test sign up for prep classes. These classes not only review concepts that will be tested on the exam but also impart strategies students should use to determine the correct answer if they are unable to solve the problem outright. These strategies and skills are extremely useful outside of the test and have tremendous carryover value to future job interviews and assessments. For example, many companies like Norfolk Southern and General Motors utilize pre-employment assessments to screen candidates they are interested in. These assessments are used to determine if the candidate should be interviewed and knowing test taking strategies like the ones offered by Miles Smart Tutoring will help candidates advance to the next round.

Customization of Tutoring Courses

Since every student is unique, we tailor each tutoring class to the specific needs of each student. Some students may be advanced in mathematics but below average in science. Others may be excellent at algebra but struggle with geometry. Similarly, students may be great at science except for one or two concepts which they need reviewing. In these cases, tutors would adjust the focus of each class to highlight those specific areas. Each student learns differently, so our GED Tutoring expert help each individual student by assessing their unique pathways for learning and modifying their instructing to create methods for their students to absorb the material that works best for them.

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You've asked, we've listened. Here's a list of the most frequently asked GED Test Prep questions:

Q: Is in-person tutoring more effective than online tutoring when it comes to GED test prep? 

A: Both online and in-person tutoring methods are effective, depending on the student and their needs. We will make sure that whether you choose online or in-person tutoring, you will be satisfied with the outcome.


Q: Do you offer group tutoring for GED test prep?

A: Yes, we offer group tutoring sessions for GED test prep.


Q: Do you offer one-on-one tutoring for GED test prep? 

A: Yes, we offer one-on-one tutoring for GED test prep.