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What Is It

The EOC Assessment is a computer-based test issued to high school students in the following courses: Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology1, Civics, and US History. The EOC Assessments for Algebra 1 and Geometry will act as substitutes for FSA Mathematics and are required to graduate high school. The main purpose of the EOC Assessment is to check that students are learning a standard level of content in each subject. Prior to the implementation of these assessments, there was nothing to ensure students across the state were being taught the same material and skills despite taking the same classes. Each test is computer-based and multiple choice, but the number of questions will vary due to multiple versions of a test being used to mitigate cheating.

How Prep Helps

EOC Assessments have two roles: progression and grades. Students are required to pass the EOC Algebra 1 and Geometry Assessments if they wish to not only graduate high school, but progress to the next grade level. Biology 1, Civics, and US History will place a “scholar” designation on their diploma for students that pass those assessments. Teachers will almost always make the EOC Assessment a major percent of that semester’s grade. Usually, it will account for 20% of the final grade, but it can be higher. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that students take EOC prep classes. Furthermore, these classes not only review concepts that will be tested on the exam but also impart strategies students should use to determine the correct answer if they are unable to solve the problem outright. These strategies and skills have tremendous carryover value into a student’s daily classes in addition to future assessments like the SAT/ACT.

Customization of Tutoring Courses

Since every student is unique, we tailor each tutoring class to the specific needs of each student. Our tutors will determine where each student struggles and work with them to fill the gaps. Each student learns differently, so our tutors aspire to help each individual student by assessing their unique pathways for learning and modifying their instructing to create methods for their students to absorb the material that works best for them.

We also offer group classes for EOC Prep.

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