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While elementary math may seem simple, it is extremely important as it sets the foundation for future learning and development in Math. We focus on numbers and their relationships with larger and smaller numbers, basic geometric shapes, and basic arithmetic functions like addition and subtraction.

How Prep Helps

Our tutors are trained with many fun and interesting methods to teach young students the concepts such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modes of communication. For example, showing models and pictures of shapes and the use of physical items to illustrate addition and subtraction problems creates a connection in young students’ minds, allowing them to understand these types of problems so that they may advance to problems using only numbers on a page.

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Having a firm grounding in mathematic concepts and basic test taking strategies places students into a more advanced position as they move from elementary to middle school and beyond, allowing them to better perform to their abilities. Many students come out of high school with no knowledge of strategies to increase test scores beyond studying the concepts for the test. This places students at an unfair disadvantage to those who have either been taught test taking strategies or those who have discovered them on their own.

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You've asked, we've listened. Here's a list of the most frequently asked Elementary School Math questions. Click on a question to get some answers!

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