Don’t Wait Any Longer, Get That Diploma

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Get That Diploma

Looking to increase your annual income by over $8,000? According to a study done by Northeastern University, completing your high school diploma is the quickest way to do it.
Graduating high school is a great accomplishment, but everyone’s life takes a different path. If you didn’t get your diploma at the same time as your peers, that just means your path is unconventional. Whatever reason you have for needing to leave school early, it’s valid, and should not determine the rest of your future. This does, however, put you in a position that makes you less likely to be hired. Employers are typically looking for people with a high school level education, minimally. That isn’t to say you can’t get a job without it, but statistically, the pay will be a lot higher with it.
Fortunately, you don’t have to go back to school and walk the halls with the local teenagers if you want to get your diploma after that four-year span (typically 14-18) has passed. In this blog, we will discuss what options are available to you.

What are my options?


The most well-known option is the GED. This acronym originally stood for General Educational Development, but since 2011, it is only referred to as the GED. This test is perfectly equivalent to a high school diploma when you pass it. It is administered and accepted in 39 states. This test does require some studying.

It covers language arts, math, reasoning, science, and social studies. It is recommended that you take advantage of any resources you can to prepare for this test (including tutoring, online practice, etc.)


The HiSET is the High School Equivalency Test. The TASC is the Test Assessing Secondary Completion. The NEDP is the National External Diploma Program. All three of these tests are very similar, and cover the same subjects as the GED depending on the states they’re offered in. The rules for these tests also vary from state to state.

Adult Basic Education

ABE is a program offered to people later in life to help them brush up on reading, writing, and math skills. These classes will help in preparation for the GED and other tests, as well. The availability of these courses will depend on the location of where you’re seeking them out. If you can’t find an ABE program in your area, Miles Smart Tutoring can design a similar program for you, with a personal tutor, in preparation for your high school equivalency test.
Adult Math Tutoring left

Adult High School

To attend adult high school, you have to have gone to regular high school and earned at least 12 credits, first. Anyone sixteen or older, without a high school diploma, can enroll in a program like this. Adult high school is offered in a variety of places, similar to ABE. These programs, however, are very general. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience – tutoring is definitely a great addition to your education.

What are my opportunities?

With a high school diploma (or a test equivalent), your life could change. Everyone should consider going back to school. If not for the education you will receive out of the process, then for the significant difference in the amount of money you will make with a high school education on your resume. Get your diploma to see a significant change in your earnings.
According to the Economic Policy Institute, people who have a high school education earn nearly $4 more per hour than those who do not. Better job options, more money, job security, and thus more benefits come with a diploma, so your health and safety can be a top priority when looking for work.
Completing high school or returning to it can be a very difficult and daunting task for a lot of people. Before you think it’s unattainable for you, ask around in your community. You never know what ABE or GED programs are offered in your neighborhood, or what tutors are right around the corner. And remember, it’s never too late to get your diploma.
If you are struggling with your journey towards getting your high school diploma, or just want a clear study plan, look no further. Miles Smart Tutoring offers one-on-one tutors for anyone trying to get their GED (or a high school equivalency test). If you’re interested in hearing more, check out our website or call (813)-328-3036