COVID-19 Cases Spike in Florida, What Can We Do?

COVID-19 Cases Spike in Florida, What Can We Do?

According to state data, 31% of children tested for COVID-19 in Florida have been tested positive. This is a shocking statistic and shows that the spread is not slowing down. Parents are (needless to say) concerned, and with the status of if school will be in-person or online in the fall semester being up in the air still, frustration and impatience is increasing.
Florida also just set a new state virus death record with 156 people dying from the virus in one day. So the question is; what do we do? We are in one of the most uncertain times in history, and we want (and need) answers. Here’s a breakdown of what you can (and shouldn’t do) during this time:

1. DO: Clean and sanitize – As we’ve heard over and over, cleaning and sanitizing is extremely important to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Keep your hands clean, especially when you are coming in from outside.

2. DON’T: Worry – Yes this may sound impossible, but try your best to refrain from worrying. Being under stress is proven to lower our immune system and overall just makes everything worse; from your mood, to your performance at work, and more. Try to keep a sound mind and keep as positive as possible. After all, worrying does nothing positive.

3. DO: Wear masks in public places – It has been proven that masks aren’t great for our health, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Please wear a mask when you go anywhere in public – not only for yourself, but for others as well.
4. DON’T: Forget about you or your child’s future – We are going through one of the worst pandemics in history and that is a hugely daunting reality, but don’t neglect the plans you or your child have for your/your child’s future. It’s very easy to forget about grades, college admissions or test preparation but these important aspects will remain. If you are nervous about your child attending school in-person, there are online learning opportunities you can utilize with us.

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We at Miles Smart Tutoring are here to assist our students during this pandemic. We are now offering online-only tutoring services via Zoom for the protection of our students and tutors; from homework help, to summer camps, test prep, and more. All sessions are recorded so students can review the lesson as many times as they need in order to go over content that they may have missed.

How online learning looks at Miles Smart Tutoring:

No matter the circumstance, we always aim to help our students achieve miles of greatness. We have helped students gain over $24 million in grants and scholarships due to an increase in SAT/ACT scores since being founded in 2016. We were also awarded the ‘2019 Best of St. Petersburg Award in the Area of Tutoring Service.’
We provide a 100% satisfaction rate guarantee where if you aren’t fully satisfied with your tutor, we will replace them for free.
To inquire about our top-rated services, call our expert team at (813) 328-3036.
The Miles Smart Tutoring team collectively wishes each and every one of our students, tutors, employees, followers (and random blog readers!) the best of health and wellness.

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