Considering Summer School After COVID

Considering Summer School After COVID

In the past, summer school has often been seen as something for students who fall behind during the regular school year, and usually for only a small number of students. But due to this less than conventional school year, almost all students “fell behind” in their schooling. According to a recent poll, 65% of parents worry about whether their child is on track with their school work. And 75% of parents are hoping for more summer programming to help catch their child up to where they would have been in a typical school year. Here are some reasons why considering summer school, or some kind of supplemental learning program, could benefit your child this summer.

Students lose information in the summer

A study conducted by the American Education Research Journal found that for more than half of the students, 39% of information learned during the school year was lost over the summer. And a separate study found that for this year in particular, students are expected to lose up to 70% of the reading progress they made during the year, and over half of the math progress they made. Schools and teachers are aware that students are forgetting important information over summer break. As a result they have to reteach certain subjects when students return in the fall–wasting valuable class time.

Summer school and summer learning programs help to keep student’s minds fresh over the break by preventing them from forgetting as much, and it makes them stronger when they come back in the fall.

Summer school is proven to work

Many studies have been conducted over the years on the effectiveness of summer school and summer school programs. They have shown that when kids attend summer school, their reading and math scores show significant improvement, and are much higher than those of students who did not attend summer school. In fact, the progress students made over a 5 week program was proven to equal that of the learning students gained over 5 weeks during the typical school year.

Other benefits

Apart from it helping to compensate for knowledge lost, summer school offers benefits for any student. It can help students raise their GPA if they need to retake a course . It can also give students an opportunity to take college level courses when they have more free time and are less distracted. Additionally, a student can take a summer course to allow them more free time in the following school year.
The biggest push back to summer school is that students, understandably, don’t want to lose their summer break. But many summer school programs are as short as 3 weeks, and some of the longer ones are only 5 weeks. That still gives most students over a month of summer break where they can rest easy knowing they are more prepared for the following school year. Students have faced a year like no other, and it may take some extra learning to get them ready for the fall. Miles Smart Tutoring is now offering virtual summer camps for students, where they can get specialized subject specific teaching in an area that interests them. Maybe it’s a subject where your child is struggling, or maybe it’s just something that they enjoy, but putting your child in a summer camp is sure to help keep their mind sharp and ready for a, hopefully, much more normal school year. Choose from one of our several camp options–Reading Camp, Camp Learn-a-Language, Camp Future Business Leaders, STEM for Kids, Post-College Prep, Mock-Trial Camp, Health and Wellness Camp, Coding Camp, SSAT Camp, ASVAB Camp, PSAT and SAT Prep, and ACT Prep. No matter which you decide, your child is sure to have a fun and enriched learning experience from the comfort of their own home.

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