Benefits of Parental Involvement in Education

Benefits of Parental Involvement in Education

Parents are a strong role model for their children. They have a direct impact on their children that is stronger than that of their teachers, friends, and media.

Therefore, parents must demonstrate a positive attitude and support towards their children’s education. It can encourage and empower their children to develop good learning habits. This results in academic success and in the long run, the child experiences economic and social benefits.

Sadly, many parents fail to take an active role in their child’s education. Common mistakes schools make include:

  • Making parents feel guilty not being involved
  • Lack of understanding the parents perspective
  • Lack of or poor communication
  • Indifference to the individuality of the parents

There are many reasons why parents’ involvement is important and listed are some of the important ones.

  • Parent involvement leads to reduced absenteeism. Involved parents encourage children to attend school regularly. Absenteeism hinders development of social skills such as self awareness and self management. Students who miss classes have lower academic achievement and can lead to dropping out of school.
  • It promotes better behavior. Involved parents make a huge impression on their children. It can boost student’s self esteem and improve their attitude towards school. They are less disobedient. They are able build and keep healthy relationships with peers and teachers. Reduce negative classroom behaviors such as bullying and fighting.
  • Increased student behaviors. Parent involvement motivates children to learn and advance to higher grades. Students have higher test schools whose parents are involved in the school.
  • Parent involvement improves parents and teacher satisfaction. Along with student success, parental involvement is a positive influence on parent/teacher relationships. Parents learn to appreciate the challenges teachers face daily. It makes teachers feel appreciated and, therefore, boost their morale and job performance. It allows the teacher to get to know the student and enables them to teach in a personalized way. It leads to better communication between parents, teachers, and administrators making it easier for parents to accept requests for help with homework completion.

Parents involved in their children’s learning process also benefit from understanding their child’s emotional and intellectual needs. They gain confidence in their parenting skills.

Working with your child’s school is a win win for everyone involved.