Navigating the Transition Back to In-Person for Teachers, Parents, and Students

Navigating the Transition Back to In-Person for Teachers, Parents, and Students

This past year has forced many of us to adjust to new environments without any preparation or warning. And now with the COVID-19 vaccine becoming readily available, many of us (if we haven’t begun to already) are going to have to adjust again as we start transitioning back to in-person work and school. This adjustment is a sign that things are finally returning to normal, but after learning virtually from our homes for so long, this transition may be harder than expected.

Whether you’ve already gone back or are planning to, here are some tips to help make that transition back to in-person easier:

Re-creating habits

Since being at home, students have had more freedom to take breaks when needed, and probably haven’t been as engaged in the virtual classroom as they would’ve been in a physical classroom. Helping to rebuild strong study habits and routines are a necessary step when preparing to go back to in-person learning.
Parents should treat these first few weeks back to in-person as they would the first few weeks of going back to school. Establishing a daily routine, creating and sticking to a schedule, and having kids work on regulating their sleep schedules are all good ways to get back into the groove.

Because students have gotten more used to taking breaks, and some have been having shorter than regular school days, it would be a good idea for teachers to offer more breaks in between learning to get students acclimated to the extended class time. These breaks can be time for students to discuss what they just learned with their peers.

Continuing to utilize technology

While there have certainly been some technological blunders over the last several months, there has also been an emergence of some excellent virtual and online learning tools and methodologies. If you’re a teacher, having some virtual learning aids can help students who have gotten used to learning through a screen. Parents can do this at home too by hiring online tutors like the ones we offer at Miles Smart Tutoring.

Creating a safe social environment

Many students have struggled this past year, like we all have, from being distant from friends and peers. Without their usual daily interaction with other students they may be feeling socially insecure. Working to build a social support system can help students ease back into an environment that may feel foreign after so much time alone.
Allowing students to have class time where they can interact, reconnect, and discuss class ideas can help to rebuild the divide social distancing has created. Having patience both at home and in the classroom will help students to feel comfortable again with their once familiar environment

We have all had to make a lot of changes with the way we learn and teach this past year, and this next transition (though it is a welcome one) will likely still be difficult. Miles Smart Tutoring is here to lend a helping hand both in-person and online during these still strange times through one-on-one and group tutoring for students of all ages. Call (813) 328-3036 to learn more about our services and how we can help you.