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Many adults find themselves in need of help with their mathematics skills. While most are in college, it is never too late to brush up on Math topics. These courses range from Calculus to Statistics. These classes fall into one of two categories: Advanced Theoretical Math and Real-World Applications of Mathematical Concepts.

How Prep Helps

Given the difficulty of Advanced Theoretical Math topics, it is necessary to have tutoring if you are not fully confident in your understanding of these topics. Our tutors know a variety of ways to explain these concepts that make it easily palatable for the average adult to understand.

Our Data indicates that the majority of adults who struggle with math do not have a firm understanding of a more rudimentary concept and consequently struggle as they advance and build upon past topics. This is why our tutors focus on a multitude of ways to help each person understand the topics they are struggling with.

Future Impact of Tutoring

While we employ a variety of methodologies and strategies, we emphasize the Socratic method as it helps individuals think through the logic of math to find the answers. This method of teaching has future ramifications as it carries over to future endeavors and helps develop self-reliance amongst adults.

Receiving Math tutoring as an adult also has a large impact on licensing test performance since many questions are based on similar answering strategies and topics. The ability to take advanced theoretical concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios is a tremendous asset to workers in a business, increasing their productivity.

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