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Since every student is unique, we tailor our tutoring services in order to develop a learning program that caters to the specific needs of each individual. Our ACT tutors are extremely attentive to each student and will do their best to guide you to improve upon your specific problem areas. Moreover, our experienced ACT tutoring professionals personally design the best test-taking strategies for each student after considering their strengths and weaknesses. A tutor also guides the student to correct each and every mistake he makes or might make on the exam day.

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Our online ACT tutoring and ACT practice tests prove to be extremely helpful for acing the ACT examination. This, coupled with our individualized learning approach, helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the overall learning methodology.

Understanding the ACT

The ACT examination is a test that is accepted for admissions into all the four-year colleges of the United States of America. The exam is an approved assessment test structure used in state models for federal and state accountability.

The ACT differs from the SAT in the following ways:

1. It covers a broader array of subjects. The ACT exam has four sections: Math, Reading, Science, and English - each having a score range of 1-36.

2. The difficulty of questions is considered to be lower than that of the SAT, but the time constraints make it more difficult for those who cannot answer questions rapidly.

3. The ACT includes a science section and the SAT does not.

The ACT is administered on six international test dates, seven national test dates, and additional state and district test dates. Specific exam dates can be found at

At Miles Smart Tutoring, we offer affordable, top-rated ACT tutoring. We cover a wide variety of concepts that are tested in the examination. Our ACT Test tutoring classes include reviewing and practicing test-taking strategies, time management techniques, subject reviews, and answering strategies.

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Here's a list of the most frequently asked ACT questions


The two standardized tests are meant to be similar because they want to accurately test your knowledge on the testing subjects. However, there are differences:

  1. SAT questions are based on “real-world situations” and the problem solving questions involve multiple steps. ACT questions are more straightforward.
  2. There is no science section on the SAT. There is a science section on the ACT.
  3. You will not get points off for incorrect answers on either exam.
  4. Both tests are administered seven times per year.
  5. Students who are better at math might do better on the SAT. Students who are better with English might do better on the ACT.

The best time to take your first ACT test is in the Spring of your junior year. This will give you an idea of where you’re at score-wise, and you will have time to take it again in the Fall of senior year if you want a higher score to send with your applications.

Junior year is the ideal time to start studying for the standardized tests. However, you can never be too early. Practicing a little bit each day throughout the summer before junior Fall is a great way to feel prepared, going into the year, before you start becoming busy with class work.

Since the test is designed for seniors in high school, the math section is considered to be at grade 12 level. You will be tested on: Number & Quantity (7–10%), Algebra (12–15%), Functions (12–15%), Geometry (12–15%), Statistics & Probability (8–12%), Integrating Essential Skills (40–43%, Modelling (>25%).

Yes. Each tutor will change their teaching style based on the subjects that the student feels they need the extra help in. With that being said, the tutor can assist with the “overall” test, as well.

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