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What Is It

The ACT examination is an exam used by Universities to measure prospective students’ knowledge and abilities relative to other applicants. Act Tutoring will helps you and guides you properly. It differs from the SAT exam in a few key ways:

1. It is structured as an achievement test instead of an intelligence test
2. It covers a wider array of subjects
3. The difficulty of questions is lower than that of the SAT but the time constraints make the test more difficult for those who cannot answer questions very rapidly.

The test has four sections: Math, Reading, Science, English. All of which are scored from 1-36.
An optional fifth section is sometimes required by Colleges which is a writing sample scored from 2-12.

How Prep Helps

Taking ACT Test Prep classes will cover a variety of subjects and methods which are tested on the exam. Prep classes will include reviewing and practicing test taking strategies, time management, subject reviews, and answering strategies.

These benefits are not restricted to ACT tests. These strategies are applicable in everyday tests and future evaluations. For example, the Science section of the exam requires students to be able to interpret and explain scientific results. These skills have a large carryover to future science classes as well as an improvement in reading scores as they both feature inductive methods of reasoning.

Private ACT test tutoring

Since every student is unique, we tailor each tutoring class to the specific needs of each student. Some students may be advanced in Mathematics but below average in Science or English. Others may be excellent at Reading but struggle with Math and Science. In these cases, our online tutor ACT prep would help and adjust the focus of each class to highlight those specific areas. Similarly, students may be great at Math except for one or two concepts which they need reviewing.

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You've asked, we've listened. Here's a list of the most frequently asked ACT Test Prep questions:

Q: Is in-person tutoring more effective than online tutoring when it comes to ACT test prep? 

A: Both online and in-person tutoring methods are effective, depending on the student and their needs. We will make sure that whether you choose online or in-person tutoring, you will be satisfied with the outcome.


Q: Do you offer group tutoring for ACT test prep?

A: Yes, we offer group tutoring sessions for ACT test prep.


Q: Do you offer one-on-one tutoring for ACT test prep? 

A: Yes, we offer one-on-one tutoring for ACT test prep.