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Accounting is the study of the methods to record financial transactions in a uniform fashion to make it easier to understand all elements of a business. Accounting not only calculates profits and losses, but also helps outside investors place a valuation on the business and managers determine where potential problems may arise.

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Most business majors are required to take at least one accounting class, though accounting training is required to take the CPA exam. This presents a problem for many students since accounting concepts are not easy to understand since teachers do often times read a PowerPoint to students. Our tutors help bridge the gap between what teachers say in class and mastery of the subject. By teaching a variety of strategies to students, our tutors give them the resources to understand these complex concepts in a manner which they can better comprehend.

There are many exceptions to the various accounting rules which become confusing and cause students large amounts of stress. Our tutors are equipped with many different tools to teach these exceptions and help students maintain a better memory of the concepts involved with accounting.

Future Benefits of Tutoring

While we employ a variety of methodologies and strategies, we emphasize the Socratic method as it helps students think through the logic of math to find the answers. This method of teaching has future ramifications as it carries over to future classes and helps develop self-reliance amongst students.

Learning basic accounting methods also helps adults manage their own finances better and understand the constraints of businesses they may work for our venture to start. By having a working knowledge of accounting identities and methods, you can increase your workplace productivity and standout in the job interview process.

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