“Laser focus allowed our children to breathe”

Not only excellent with their tutoring abilities but they also made time to discuss organization and time management so that our children would not panic when tasks are due. My other son was ahead of the other students in his honors algebra class. They’ve provided great service and we plan to recommend him to a number of other clients.

Steve L.

“Refreshing, professional and educational”

Our children have finished many of the math assignments for the summer in a short period of time. We give 100% of the teaching credit to Miles Smart Tutoring for what they have done, instilling even more confidence and providing additional math examples that did not come with the material assigned.

Dena F.

“Thoughtful, understanding, and attentive to our needs”

Their instruction led to rapid improvement in understanding questions, interpreting information, and performing independent schoolwork. My child is taking an English class over the summer and is earning 90s and 100s!

Janet W.