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Miles Smart Tutoring offers affordable online and in-person tutoring services. Our professional staff is trained to work with students from diverse age groups. With our assistance, we give you an assurance of achieving success in a wide variety of subjects.

Discover the Miles Smart Difference! Personal tutoring with subject-matter experts.

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With our Excellent Learning Approach combined with the expertise of our tutors, your journey with Miles Smart Tutoring will take you miles ahead in your educational journey.

Our expertise lies in various intricate subjects ranging from the complexities of math to the peculiarities of science. We are even here to help you ace tough, competitive exams.

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Miles Smart Tutoring is here to help. Our professional tutors are always available to help your child complete their homework and grasp all the essential concepts behind it. Our tutors have hands-on experience to teach students of all ages. Moreover, our students have seen a significant improvement in their grades after attending sessions with Miles Smart Tutoring professionals. We assure customized support for your child.


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We discuss test prep tips and tricks, how to prepare for college, and more.

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Our highly trained tutors are hired to exceed expectations. We have a highly selective hiring process.

24+Million in Scholarship

24+Million in Scholarship

We are proud to have helped students receive over $24 million in scholarships based on an increase in SAT and ACT test scores.

40+ Subjects

40+ Subjects

Our expertise lies in over 40 subjects and we also do help students prepare for various tests.

4+ Rating

4+ Rating

We have received an average of a 4.78 rating on various platforms.

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